February Hairoscope

February Hairoscope

Feb 3, 2023

Find out what LOVELY surprises are in store for your zodiac sign this month!


Your life will be full of magical romance all month long. Differentiate walls from boundaries, and let people, and your stylist get close to you. Remember not to hide from love, it will find you.


Cheers Pisces! Your season begins this month. Go get a blowout at your local salon while you attend social events all month long!


February is all about pleasure. Love will flow for you this month and your creative powers in full force. Get creative with your hair color this month!


February sees you relaxing! Take time to yourself this month to embrace change. Welcome that change by heading to your local #lacedcertified stylist to relax in the salon chair and make that bold move!


You may surprise yourself this month by tackling serious conversations. Enjoy that grounded newness, by learning a new extension method with @lacedacademy


This month is all about abundance. Expect to feel more mentally positive. This month you will posses the willpower to take risks. Take the risk at the salon, by cutting off or adding some inches to your hair!


Give yourself all the attention. Find yourself calmly and confidently asserting your personal life. Get in touch with your hair needs by going back to your natural color or getting a trim!


This month make sure you carve out alone time for recharging at the hair salon. Hold your boundaries, and enjoy the start of a new cycle regarding romance.


This month will be full of deep love. Embrace all romance, friendships and platonic loves by getting a blowout to prepare for a favorited holiday by all libra's that is Valentines Day!


February will be a month, rich with opportunity. While there will be plenty to celebrate, focus on your career as it will come to a forefront.

And with all thats going on, take time to treat yourself and your hair at the salon, or you risk burnout.


It is important for you this month to reconnect with your friends and loved ones. While there will not be much romance, turn inward and give yourself and your hair ALL THE LOVE!


This month will be all about growing! You'll grow at work, home and especially with your partner. Keep the momentum going by growing your hair out too!

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