A Look at the Laced Hair Process

A Look at the Laced Hair Process

Sep 18, 2023

A Look at the Laced Hair Process: 13+ Years In the Making

Hey loves, Lacy here. 👋

As we transition into the beauty of Fall, I find myself reminiscing about my exhilarating journey from a stylist in Las Vegas to the proud founder of Laced Hair. My heart is full of gratitude for each of you who have been a part of this 13+ year ride with me. 


From our very inception, LACED has been a labor of love.

We have ALWAYS been:

  1. Ethically-sourced.

  2. Hair that's 100% virgin remy, processed without the use of acids.

  3. Handcrafted with precision

  4. Innovative with our unique and proprietary color processing techniques that we've perfected over the years with the partnership of our suppliers

  5. Fair trade to honor the women who supply hair so they can support their families


With over two decades of experience in the hair industry, starting in Las Vegas where extensions became my mainstay, I've always approached sourcing with a stylist's discerning eye. I prioritize the texture, treatment time, and most importantly, the voice of our customers in the entire process.

My mantra? Precision over pace. And, as many of us know, perfection takes time.


Here are some of my "non-negotiables" for creating the LACED experience:

  1. Forefront of Industry Standards: When LACED made its debut, the extension category was still finding its feet. Using my vast experience, I honed in on what truly mattered to salons and stylists.

  2. Ethical Compensation & Treatment: From the women who supply their hair to factory workers, respect and fair compensation have been our foundational pillars.

  3. Uncompromised Quality: LACED has never been about cutting corners. Our color and sourcing process is intricate, taking months to get it just right. We were pioneers in offering colors like our #32 Ice - a shade which made its dazzling debut all the way in Iceland in 2018. And our innovation hasn't stopped there; we were among the first to introduce techniques like ombre, rooted, and dimensional tones, and unique collaborations like our BeachWashed collection.


We've been at this for over a decade, continuously refining our game. As early pioneers in the hair extension category, our reservoir of knowledge and our unwavering commitment to quality have only grown with time.


 At the heart of it all, our relationship with you, our cherished community, remains steadfast. From DMs to emails, we value every piece of feedback. The world of hair extensions is vast, but we're humbled and grateful every day that you've chosen LACED.


Our journey of revolutionizing the hair industry, guided by integrity and innovation, is far from over. Thank you for being a part of it.



With all my love and gratitude,

Lacy 💕

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