Jan 28, 2016
We have been getting questions about the different types of hair extensions we offer, so we thought why not make a blog post about it!
ido clip ins :

Laced Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions are the highest quality 100% pure human remy hair. Laced Hair's silicone lined "Pressure Clips" make it so your extensions stay in place and color match to your own natural hair. Full Head Clip-In Hair Extensions take just minutes to put in and take out!

tape-in :
Tape In extensions are 100% human hair, which means they look and feel just like your own. They are applied without the use of tools, beads, clips or chemicals so they cause no damage to your hair. The extensions are gently removed using our bond remover and can be moved up every 4-6 weeks with our replacement tape. They last 3-6 months with proper care and take 45 minutes to 1 hour to apply. Each pack contains 20 pieces and are 22" long.
i-tips :
I tip hair is attached with a slip-free Laced bead. We offer both silicone and non silicone according to your preference. They are applied with out any heat, glue or chemicals. We refer to this as our "cold application" and It's one of my favorites, it's also relatively fast for how long they last. The best part with a strand by strand method is the natural like movement that it gives, because it's attached to the same amount of hair that is on the strand it falls naturally and looks flawlessly full. You can wear it anyway you'd like up or down, because it is attached by beads that match perfectly to your root color!
keratin tip :

So you're busy trust us we know, if you want a method with the least amount of maintenance work (yes this method lasts the longest) you may be in the salon a little longer the first time, but you won't have to see your stylist for quite a while! The fusion method has been around for years and no matter the others that come along this method isn't going any where, literally they stay in your hair real really well!

Our keratin bonds come pre-tipped so you are ready for your client, the bond can be cut down a little bit for those fine pieces (such as around the face). This method like the other strand by strand methods are attached to the same density as the hair strand, and falls naturally just like your own hair would. the bonds are small and are undetectable in the hair and the movement these give look completely natural! Each pack contains 20 strands.

weft :
Our wefts are 100% human hair, which means they look and feel just like your own. Wefts are made for sew-in method and you can cut the hair in custom sections.

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