Nov 18, 2015


And he was the prettiest princess in all the land
Magic man bun. Because it makes all your ladies fantasies come true
@kjaloette ? all the man buns, all the man buns...oh oh oh oh oh oh (sung to "all the single ladies).
It only costs you your man card
Check out our many different man-bun varieties: James Bund, Paul Bun-yan, Mr. Bunderful, the gentle-bun, and even an old timer like Bun Franklin! Get yours today!
@karajbaum think of a caption!! You can win!!
Never get laid again hairdo!
Stop the knot
Donut mess with me ?✋?
Or toolman bun
The higher the (man)bun the closer to never getting her dad's approval.
For when you want to be Mulan, but also a man ??
Balls or bun, you choose
Birth control.
"Bitches be like messy buns"
Muff ball bun?
You used to have to actually talk to a person to find out if they're a d-bag...
I don't like man buns and I cannot lie, all the other brothers can't deny, when a man walk in with an itty bitty bun in your face you say oh bro, that's gotta go! ?
There aren't "seven reasons to date a guy with a man bun". There's only one: to cut it off
I've got a bun to pick with you! ?
"Ya bro, it's real."
'Why commitment when you can clip'
"Don't want none unless you got bun hun!"
Oh what a bun-derful feeling! Oh what a bun-derful day!
You like? It's faux real!
Donut you love my new cinna-BUN? @dezleeroberts @courtneyclay808 ??
Stallion tale
Bro buns, one for each of your bros. @mia.madrigal
My bun's bigger than your bun.
Don't forget to BUNdle up this winter!
For when the buns just got to go
"Maybe he's born with it, Maybe it's Man Bun"
For the wanna-be's who can't, but wish they could
Why should grandma have all the fun
@jobie_obie #manbuns ?
A librarians fantasy boyfriend #twinning
@tamshan ??? no way! So great!
Don't touch my momma, don't touch my dorritos, and don't touch my man bun!!!
I've got hot buns!!!
Business in the front, party in the back!
The buy able girlfriend, because once wore, all the ladies will be "bunning" after you
@tamshan PS your caption is pretty good! ????
@landonbate Now men can rock the messy bun even better than their girlfriends!
All about the bun, bout the bun, bout the bun. Care of Meghan Trainor:-)
Princess Leia has nothing on me bro!
If they can get a girlfriend with this hahaha
Hairbuns know no gender
When you're trying to be hip but you promised your girlfriend you'd never have a man bun
Manbuns...only a mother could love!
Bun out Tuesday's
Bunsai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiyah!!!
To bun or not to bun now men have a choice in the fun
The face you make when you want to look good in your man bun!
Does your bun hang low, does it wobble to and fro? ?
I don't always wear a bun. But when I do...
Buns out, guns out means the mans out ????? #manpower #manbun
Man buns...keeping women's clothes on since 2015
@lalairene26 funniest contest eve! ?
Yeah dating is cool, but have you ever clipped in a man bun?
When you know your girl will steal it even though she doesn't need one, so you have to buy 2.
Does this man bun make me look like David Beckham?
Man bun it like Beckham ⚽️
Tis the season to be buning
Man bun. Donut care
I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me
Go from getting laid to 40 year old virgin with the just for men clip on man bun!
Beach Bunnin
Girl check out that bun... he must workout!
? Now watch me clip - in my man bun. Now watch me clip, clip in my man bun. ? ?
"Don't want none, unless you got buns hun" :-)
By the time I can actually do one of these with my REAL hair, they'll most likely be out of style #yolo
Stunned by the mun ?
Man bun on head means more fun in bed ?
They laughed as they pulled out my man bun, they cried as I broke their legs
"Your bun is on fleek bro"
Bro knots got back
"I love the way you look in your man bun" said no women ever!
If a Jedi can rock a man bun so can I!
The Man Bun. According to Donald Trump, it's his biggest competition.
Man bun, so hot right now!
You get a man bun, and you get a man bun, everybody gets a man bun!!! Oprah
Swipe right for a chance to touch these buns!
"The key to every woman's heart... Hot steamy buns!"
For just a little "dough" you too can have the hair doughnut!!! available in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. "Dough nut" hesitate toTest it out and see if any ladies care to take a bite ?*not edible* ...... Too punny?
The Man Bun, Donald Trumps worst nightmare.
The "tumble-weave" -just for Men!
"Man buns: for pansies without patience" @munsbag
So you wear your hair in a bun on top of your head.... That's adorable!
Fake it till you make it!
Bro, take a picture... It's man bun Monday
The greatest accessory for a man ever made!
Hott (cross) buns, hott (cross) buns, one is too many, even for a penny, Hott (cross) buns
"That's why his man bun is so big. It's full of secrets." ?
No more Man Bun Monday. Now it's Man Bun erryday!!!
The vivint salesman starter kit bun
When in doubt, man bun it out
It looks so natural! No one will even suspect it's not your own hair!
Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's a man-bun-meme!
?oh, oh it's magic. Never believe it's not faux!
When your boss won't let you grow your hair out
When bae won't teach you how to messy bun
"When you need a spot to store your weed."
When it feels so wrong but feels so right!
Clip in Man buns: giving fathers everywhere another reason why that guy can't date their daughter.
Typical white boy starter pack
"Bird eggs, sold separately."
Bae caught me man-bunnin!
@deytoningvalson look you got competition ;)
No buns about it, he's a real winner
The I get friend zoned twice a day look.
Bun'n with the best of them
A bunny for your hunny
Buns for your hunny buns
Half of princess Leigha but still all the fun
@mariah_mae7 yours are all hilarious
"Bald spot warmers."
"Tiny trump hats."
When life knocks you down just remember you could be a clip in hair bun model. Feel. Better? Me too
"When you land in Hawaii you get lei'd, when you land in Portland you get bunned."
Word on the street is if your naughty this year santas bringing man buns instead of coal. Better watch out and better not cry.
Here, have a snickers. You're not yourself when you're hungry.
"Bun size" fits all
"Men's Warehouse: Now you get to keep the bun and socks!"
@steveneske Bun on your head: a sure fire way to prevent your girlfriend from having a bun in the oven.
For all men who are vowing themselves to celibacy. Clip in man buns are here to help @lacedhairextensions
"The only bun that's a one-size fits all"
#ido men's line hair extension for men who realized they actually don't want to get married. Clip this on for your wedding day and kiss your bride goodbye
"Oh my gosh Becky, his bun is so big. He must be some Portland girls boyfriend." ? @lacedhairextensions
@scottonomous read these comments. Haha
@mariah_mae7 yours are pretty funny.
"Insure your buns: $7 a month covers against loss, THEFT, damage, but excludes water damage."
For the man who wants to wield a samurai sword but can't afford one
"Sir, put your hands in the air, and put the bun down!!" ??? @deytoningvalson
Action movie in the front, chick flick in the back
"Darth Maul Trophies."
Manly in the front, man up in the back
@mattlatimer15 ??
To a friend..."Yeah Bro, we can get a six pack of these buns for $1.99!! They come in a variety pack so, you, me, Bud, Charlie, Jack and that guy down the street with the sweet mullet can all have one!!!" @krysta685 #manbun #lacedhair
Go from business to party in less than 10 seconds
Don't hate the man bun, hate the man beneath the bun! #manbun #lacedhairextensions
work it boys, work them buns. @lacedhairextensions
Sport the man bun in 10 seconds or less. Not available in red.
@emma_lawyer18 @k.weave @darla_thomas @braxton.hobbs let's buy @matthmill one
People sore about your new do? Try our new bun-gay. It'll make everyone numb to your bad hair decisions

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