Ashlee Frazier + Laced Hair

Sep 16, 2015

We are loving Ashlee Frazier and her long locks! 

When it comes to her hair this girl means business. She goes to 'great lengths' to take care of her hair. She doesn't mess around! She recently flew all the way to our temporary location in Utah and let us do what we do best! We had a blast doing her hair -- and it turned out amazing!

In a recent blog post Ashlee said, "This is by far the best hair I’ve ever touched, and I’ve had many other types of extensions put in my hair. I think it’s Lacy’s personal touch. I’ve had a lot of issues with extensions in the past because the ends always tend to fray out after the first wash. Not these ones. I’ve washed my hair with my new Redken products and they still feel brand new."

We are so glad you love your hair!

( She is wearing our itip method in 22" with colors 8, 10/16, and 18/22. )



We just adore Ashlee and love her blog, if you haven't checked out go take a look!

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