5 Ways to Wear Clip In Extensions

5 Ways to Wear Clip In Extensions

Jan 4, 2019

Clip In extensions are very popular to buy for specialty looks, but did you know there are a lot of ways you can use them for everyday styles? Here's a list of some ways clip ins can add some style to your daily hair!

woman with short hair and volume from extensions

Add Some Volume

Extensions are not just for length my friends! You can cut your clip ins to the length of your hair and use them to volumize your short do. Because some days you just need a little more hair.

woman with long hair and ombré color

Add Some Color

Want to add a bit of color to your hair for the day? You could add in a few strands of a wild color for an event to such as a concert, sporting event, or party! Or you can even use them to temporarily add a bit of highlights or ombré to your hair. 

woman with long full ponytail with extensions

Add Some Power to Your Ponytail

Not everyone is blessed with lots of thick hair. Sometimes you want your ponytail to be a bit more fab and a little less drab. Use clip in extensions to add some oomph to your ponytail so it makes a statement!

woman with long blonde hair extensions

Add Some Length

Sometimes it's nice to have the option to alternate between long and short hair. Clip In extensions give you the ability to have some extra length just for how long you want! 

woman with extensions and braid in her hair

Add An Accessory

You can use clip ins to create your own customized looks! One idea is to braid an extension strand and use it to place a braid in your hair.  

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