2022 Hair Trends

2022 Hair Trends

Feb 17, 2022

2022 is a new year and with that comes new hair trends. Here are our top picks for 2022 hair trends. ✨


Expensive Brunette:

We have seen a ton of major celebrities make the switch from blonde to what we call an "expensive brunette". Hailey Bieber was among one of the first celebs to make the switch. The "expensive brunette" is a very natural, subtle, golden brown that looks and feels "expensive".


Copper/Red Hair:

Another expected trend we have already begun to see it the copper/red hair color. It first started on Tik Tok when a viral videos of people dying their hair red became popular. Tik Tok even created a red hair filter so people could test out the fresh color for themselves.


Warm Blonde:

Blonde has always been a classic hair color and has always been relevant. However there has recently been a shift with blondes, instead of a platinum, ashy finish. Blondes are more natural, sandy and beige.


Bottleneck Bangs:

Celebs and influencers have already started to these loose, fluffy bangs. We have seen these bangs popping up everywhere from A listers to tik tokers. It is a classic look that will be very trendy this year.


French. Bob:

2022 is the year of "French" inspired fashion, hair, and lifestyle. The effortlessly chis style of the French has made a huge comeback this year and with that comes the "French Bob". We have already seen some major celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Nessa Barrett chop their locks in 2022 to achieve the messy French look.


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