How To: Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

Jul 22, 2014

Add fullness and length to your locks in just 5 minutes with our super easy to use clip-in hair extensions. They come in 8 pieces: 4 for the back and 4 for the sides.


Directions for Laced Hair Clip-Ins

Step 1: Create a horizontal part (with a tail comb) about 1 inch above the nape of the neck. Secure the loose hair with a clip.
Step 2: Place the first 6″ weft along the hairline starting with the center clip.
Step 3: Extend the weft on either side and secure the remaining clips on both sides.
Using the second 6″ weft. Repeat steps 1-3
Using the 7″ weft Repeat steps 1-3
Using the 9″ weft Repeat steps 1-3
Use the 1 1/2 wefts on the sides of your head to frame the face.


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