Apr 7, 2016

image : pinterest

Double dutch braid? Boxer braid? Ummm, the two french braids that I’m seeing left and right? Whatever you’d like to call them, these braids are the hottest hair trend. Celebrities are rocking them & we are kinda loving it!

We love it because it’s so easy to recreate and it can be a go-to hairstyle when you have second or maybe even third day hair. You may wonder how all these babes get their braids to look so thick and it’s one simple trick - e x t e n s i o n s.

For instance, you could use i-do clip-ins to recreate this length. But you may be confused on whether you can do such a thing with clip-ins in your hair, we’re here to tell you that you can! Here’s some video tutorials that’ll help, first one and second one! What hair trend have you been loving? Share it with us by tagging #lacedhairextensions

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