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The Laced Academy is more than just teaching the craft of extensions. We focus on giving your client new confidence they didn’t know was in them and empower them to feel beautiful from the inside out. In 2016, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that evolved into a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. I lost 70% of my natural hair during treatment. During my time in the hospital, I met women who were also experiencing hair loss due to their medical situations. They expressed their desire for hair extensions to help regain their confidence. I knew my brand could help give them something they lost. Within the walls of the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, I decided to start my nonprofit charity, the Laced Hair Foundation. Through the foundation, we give hair extensions to women who have suffered from hair loss. The Laced Hair Academy, Laced Hair Extensions, and the Laced Hair Foundation all embody the values of empowerment, authenticity to inner beauty and acceptance.

Thank you for letting me share this space of my heart with you! I am so excited for you to join the Laced Hair family!

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About Laced Hair Academy

I was so happy when I learned that Laced Hair was providing online education. During COVID, and being out of work, it is nice to be able to refresh and continue your education in the safety of your own home. The presentation was amazing, I was super impressed. I learned so much that I didn't learn in previous extension classes. I will definitely be taking future education from Laced Hair!

- Alexa

I received in-depth knowledge and was very prepared to install extensions after the class. I also feel like I was able to ask as many questions as I needed to.

- Annique

Lacy is very professional, knowledgeable, and kind! I loved her refresher course, and I love the support from her and her team.

- Ashtyn

Taking this extension course has been something I've wanted to do for some time now. It is a good amount of money so I was hesitant at first, however it is worth every penny I spent! Not only was it extremely educational, it was fun and open.

- Aubri

Lex was the best educator!!! I gained so much knowledge from my beaded weft certification class and I'm so happy to be a part of the Laced family!

- Breana

The Beaded Weft Training class was great and the instructor was awesome!

- Camella

This class was great! Lacy totally helped me take my extensions to the next level! What a great company!

- Janelle

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