interLACED Weft Extensions Rooted #1B/D4/8
interLACED Weft Extensions Rooted #1B/D4/8


  • interLACED Weft
  • Rooted
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interLACED Wefts


Created to bring you customizable comfort and designed to break the rules, our brand new interLACED wefts offer the length, volume, and quality you’ve come to expect from Laced Hair. There’s no need to debate between the coverage and convenience of machine sewn wefts or the lightweight feel and low profile of hand tied wefts! Made for those who refuse to settle for less, interLACED wefts’ versatility provides an easier installation process and overall improved extension experience, for stylists and clients alike.


Our interLACED Wefts feature 2 wefts per pack, approximately 19” wide. Feel free to cut the seam of the wefts, blend multiple colors, and build as much volume as your heart desires.


  • Weight of hair per pack (approximate): 18" - 56.5 grams; 22" - 59 grams; 25” - 66 grams
  • Wefts must be re-installed every 4-8 weeks depending on growth to preserve the integrity of natural hair


To preserve hair health, Laced Hair Extensions should be applied exclusively by a licensed hairstylist, preferably Laced certified. As always, Laced Hair Extensions are handcrafted from the highest quality, 100% pure human Remy hair.

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