Surprise! Black Friday Sale is Extended

Surprise! Black Friday Sale is Extended

Nov 27, 2020

Surprise! Black Friday Sale is extended, but this time, with more prizes and extra deals! Here are some of the extra deals for today only.

For #lacedhair stylists, you will now receive free retabs with purchase of tape-ins and interlaced (1 pack per order). With every purchase/order, you will also receive free grippers (1 pack per order). Lastly, with every purchase of wefts, you will receive free mini thread and beads (1 bottle beads, 1 mini thread). *WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Our Laced loves who are not stylists will receive a free #lacedhair brush with any purchase of $200 or more. One last added on bonus is free shipping for all orders over $250 or more! *WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

All of our deals for our Pre Black Friday sale are still in effect while supplies last. To start shopping Black Friday, follow this link:

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