Salon to Sand: Beachwashed Collection

Salon to Sand: Beachwashed Collection

Feb 24, 2021

Our salon to sand: Beachwashed Collection created by Lo Wheeler & Lacy Gadegaard officially launches this Monday! This new collection brings you top of the line hair extensions in 5 gorgeous multidimensional combinations hand crafted to mimic the natural look of Beachwashed hair! If you are like Lo & Lacy & share a passion for gorgeous dimensional hair, you’ll love Beachwashed.


For SALT, Lacy + Lo incorporated some high blonde dimension with a baby root and then some interior depth to create this signature color combo. Pulling the pieces of the blend apart, you can really customize it. The inspiration of this color is anywhere between a really blended out root to a high dimension.


SHELL has a little bit of a deeper root and a higher contrast. The inspiration behind this color blend was a really warm and beige color combination that could look good transitioning into a golden or a pale base.


SURF has that really beautiful, delicious combination of dimension and lowlights. This color is like an infinite color blend with infinite options.


SAND is such an important color because the true bronde is hard to achieve, and we’ve found it with SAND. With this color, we’re giving any brunette the option to go lighter.


SEA is the richest tone in the Beachwashed collection. This color is catered to our really rich, iconic brunettes with that bronde dimension. 

Stay tuned because our Beachwashed collection by Lo Wheeler & Laced Hair will be available for purchase on March 1st.

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