Aug 9, 2018

Check out our list below for a few tips and tricks to keep your Laced locks looking great in the sunshine!

1.) FUN IN THE SUN  -  Laced Hair wants you to rock your long locks no matter the conditions. We love the sun but we suggest that you please use caution when applying sunscreen. Some sunscreens (including spray sunscreen) have chemicals that can cause discoloration to the hair. Yikes! That said, there are a few simple solutions! Using a vegan or all natural non-aerosol sunscreen will prevent discoloration so your hair will maintain it's flawless flow.

2.) STAYING COOL BY THE POOL - Who doesn't want to beat the heat by cooling off in the pool, lake or ocean? Lucky for our Laced users, you can swim all you want without having to stress about your hair. Just keep in mind that there are some minerals found in bodies of water and occasionally they can react poorly with extensions. The chances aren't great but there is a possibility that the minerals may lead to the discoloration of your extensions.

We suggest you do the following to protect your hair:

  1. Get your hair wet before entering an ocean, lake or pool.
  2. We suggest you also comb and braid your hair before entering the water.
  3. Rising immediately after leaving the water.
  4. For an extra measure wash with a clarifying shampoo after water activities.

 3.) THE EASY TLC -  Last but not least... the tip to maintaining lovely extensions is to show them a little tender love and care. Here are the simple steps to keep those locks looking flawless. 

Before washing, thoroughly brush hair to remove any tangles. Gently hand wash with sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo and lukewarm water. Never rub the ends of the hair together while washing. Repeat as needed, then add conditioner and leave in for 5 minutes. Avoid getting conditioner on the bond of the hair extensions. Be sure to completely rinse away shampoo and conditioner.

Gently squeeze out the excess water and blot with a cotton towel. Use a large wide tooth comb to detangle and straighten while extensions are damp.

Laced Hair can be styled using a boar's hair bristle brush, Flat iron, or curling iron.

 For best results, we recommend the following when caring for your extensions:

      Use only sulfate-free and paraben-free products

      Use spray leave-in-conditioner or moisturizer on extensions to keep from tangling or drying out

      Braid extensions before sleeping or bed

      Sleep on silk pillow

Brush regularly (while brushing, hold base of scalp where the extensions adhere to the natural hair with opposite hand)


Now that you have your LACED HAIR EXTENSION tips to a happy summer, go out and enjoy it! 


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