Featured in The Tease

Featured in The Tease

Oct 23, 2020

Laced Hair Founder and CEO, Lacy was featured in The Tease, a digital destination for all things hair, beauty and pop culture.

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Lacy opened with, "Through everything, there’s one thing I’m sure of. Women will give up almost anything before giving up their extensions."and continued to explain how during the United States recession in 2008-2010 she never had clients leave her chair despite financial hardships. In 2010 Lacy started Laced Hair Extensions. She quotes, "Laced has blossomed into something I never imagined. I’ve come from selling my hair to close friends to shipping hair globally in multiple methods and textures, plus educating stylists all over the world in my techniques." 

Lacy further gives insight about her experience with her multiple sclerosis and quotes, "When I initially went through treatment for my brain tumor and eventual Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, I lost nearly 70% of my hair. I was left with extremely fine, thin hair and badly damaged confidence."

She continues with, "The women that surrounded me during these treatments mirrored similar reactions and struggles during their own health journeys, inspiring me to start the Laced Hair Foundation to gift extensions to those who have fallen upon difficult times. Every time I meet and interact with a nominee, the transformative power of a full head of long, beautiful hair becomes that much more clear."

Along with the Laced Hair Foundation, Lacy concludes the article with her Laced Hair Salon staff,

"I also take the success of the stylists who work locally at my salon very seriously. Because of this, I was nervous about keeping my full staff on as we went into the pandemic. Luckily, extensions proved their staying power yet again, and I was able to keep every single stylist with full books immediately upon reopening. In fact, 2020 is on track to improve upon 2019’s performance for all aspects of Laced."

She ends the interview with, "When it comes to extensions, there will always be a new trend, method or go-to look. The real test of a stylist’s staying power is their ability to grab onto this ever-changing market and hold on like crazy."

Check out the full article here: https://www.thetease.com/extensions-a-recession-proof-industry/

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