Celebrity Hairstylist Scott King & Sabrina Carpenter

Celebrity Hairstylist Scott King & Sabrina Carpenter

Apr 7, 2019

One of our favorite celebrity stylists, Scott King, has been on tour with Sabrina Carpenter showing just how amazing Laced Hair Extensions can look!

"Traveling all over for Sabrina Carpenter's North American Tour was so amazing. It was fun to create slightly different looks at each stop with the help of Laced Hair to enhance Sabrina's already naturally amazing hair. Laced clip ins really helped me take the hair to the next level for stage!" -Scott King

Tour hair is exciting because it gets to be grander than our everyday looks. We are truly in love with these looks and will be using them for our own hair inspiration! Check out these hair goals-

This hair flip! This is the hair flip of my dreams.

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