Laced Hair 22" Tape-In #6

Laced Hair 22" Tape-In #6

Apr 10, 2020

Laced Hair 22" Tape in #6

Laced Hair 22" Tape-In #6 is a gorgeous color that can be added as a lowlight for blondes or a highlight for brunettes! Tape-Ins are perfect for filler pieces to seamlessly blend a weft on a client with shorter hair.

Laced Hair Tape-In Extensions are the highest quality, 100% pure Remy human hair. Tape-In Extensions lay flat to the head and are easily applied without the use of tools, beads, clips, or chemicals. The extensions are gently removed using Laced Hair Bond Remover and can be moved up/touched up with Laced Hair Tape-In Re-Tabs (replacement tape).

  • Weight of the hair per bag: 14" - 45 grams, 22" - 50 grams
  • Suggested move up/touch up every 4-6 weeks
  • Hair can be reused
  • 20 Laced Hair Tape-In Extensions per bag

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