Laced Hair Academy: Booking In The South

Laced Hair Academy: Booking In The South

Sep 3, 2019

Southern States! Laced Hair Academy is looking to book a beaded weft training course! If you are interested in hosting a training at your salon, email to learn more!
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September 16th- New York, NY
September 16th- Orange County, CA
September 16th- Salt Lake, UT
September 23rd- Atlanta, GA
September 23rd- Portland, OR
October 6th- Orlando, FL
October 14th- London, OH
October 14th- Houston, TX
October 21- Indianapolis, IN
November 4th- Omaha, NE
November 4th- Denver, CO
November 10th-11th (Advanced)- Houston, TX
November 11th- Milwaukee, WI
November 17th- Lubbock, TX
January 12th- Riverside, CA

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