January Hairoscope

January Hairoscope

Jan 2, 2023

Your first Hairoscope of 2023 is officially here! See what's in store for your sign (and hair) this new year!



This month you'll need to trust your gut instead of overthinking when deciding how you want to proceed next in your life. Trust your gut on your next hair choice. Whether you want to go bold or safe, your intuition doesn't lie.


It's not selfish to focus on yourself - it's empowering and what you should be doing in order to be happy this year! Since you're focusing on yourself this new year, it's time to treat yourself! Get a blowout for some much needed self-care.


This month you're going to reassess your dreams. You may find that your former goals are outdated and it's time for a fresh start in the new year. Just like your dreams, you need a fresh start with your hair! Think about chopping your hair for a fresh clean cut.


This new year will kick off with lots of change happening! Manifestation is key in building the life you want. Manifest some new hair! There's no better way to embrace change than with some new locks!


This month you're taking on new responsibilities and standing up for yourself. Don't be afraid to be assertive at times. Put your hair into a powerful ponytail to take on your new responsibilities this month.


This new year is all about treating yourself to a new look and investing in self-care. You're always taking care of others, you deserve the pampering now. Treat yourself to the full package! Color, new hair, you deserve it all!


This month will give you the opportunity to break out of a rut and to integrate freshness into your life. Get a fresh color or tone to get yourself out of your rut and to feel more like yourself.


This month is all about getting out of your comfort zone and doing things that elevate your lust for life. Try something spontaneous with your hair! Whether it's a new cut or color you've been nervous to try, go for it!


This month your time will be very focused to those around you. Don't forget to pay attention to yourself this month too. Treat yourself to a blowout to show yourself some love this month!


This month has a lot going on for you, don't forget to take advantage of those quieter days to sit back and reset during this busy month. Try a new haircare regimen to use on your day off to help relax!


This month you're going to notice change. But don't worry. While change can be scary, it's for the best. While you're in your month of change, try changing your hair! Maybe add some inches!


This is your month. You have some exciting things going for you, keep working hard and all your dreams can come true. Slick back your hair and work hard towards your goals this month!

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