Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting Tape-Ins

Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting Tape-Ins

Jan 31, 2021

Have you ever thought about investing in some tape-ins? Instead of getting those wefts, maybe consider this hair extension method next time you come into the salon. Here’s why you should consider getting tape-ins.

Quick to Install

One reason why should consider getting tape-ins is they are quicker to install than machine or hand tied wefts. Tape-ins are considered the quickest permanent hair extension method to install. It takes less than an hour for a stylist to install them. Although it’s not recommended to install them yourselves, for a skilled stylist, it is a quicker process.

Lays Flat on the Head

Another reason tape-ins are your next go to method is they lay flat on your head. Machine sewn wefts and clip-ins are known for laying not as flat on your head. When touching your scalp, you can not tell that there are hair extensions in with tape-ins.

Great for Volume

One last reason would be tape-ins help create volume in your hair. If you are looking to add thickness or volume to your hair but not length, tape-ins are the way to go!

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