Nov 15, 2016
Another week another 7 days full of blow drying, straightening, curling and repeating. But I have a proposal for you…. Don’t do it. Yes you read that correctly, this week’s hair health tip is to chill on the heat (get it?! ya i know i’m hilarious).

But seriously, taking a break from heat is one of the best things you can do to let your hair recover from the stress we put it through daily. With that said, we don’t want you going out looking like a drowned rat, so here is how you’ll rock the no heat look to the best of your ability.

Wash your hair like normal, then brush it back (the slicked back look is v chic right now) & do any variety of braid that suits you! Go out in it, sleep in it, gym in it….just whatever! Once your hair is dry, take it out and you’ll have effortless beach waves!

Repeat the above process as many time as necessary throughout the week. Rock the beachwaves for a day or 2, throw in a couple top knots, rock a hat, maybe add in one more braid just for fun….and BAM the week is over!

I suggest using a pomade, salt spray or our personal favorite R+Co Serums to keep it non-frizzy during and after the process.

You can thank us on day 8.


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