Fresh Hair For The Holidays

Nov 26, 2016
The holidays have finally arrived & if you're anything like me, you'll be spending time with friends & family, online shopping holiday sales, and eating leftover pie....and not washing your hair (because who washes their hair these days?!)

No worries though, because this is the way that it should be! You can still enjoy the holidays & still look fabulous without spending too much time getting ready! (check out my favorite comfy chic looks for fall)

Dry Shampoo has been my saving grace this Thanksgiving Break! Give your roots a couple of spurts of dry shampoo & add in some thickenine and you’ll have that second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) day hair looking fresh as ever!


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Dry shampoo quickly absorbs all of the excess oil and grease in your hair. My go-to dry shampoo is R + Co DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo. With a light and fresh scent and practically no powder residue, it’ll fool even you into thinking you spent hours primping your gorgeous mane.

One more great tip to ensure that your hair won’t get greasy too fast, is to only apply conditioner at your ends! Your scalp produces natural oils all on its own, so your roots don’t need the extra nourishment that conditioner provides.

Here's to not washing our hair, but still looking like we did :)


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