Easy Quarantine Hair Hacks with Laced Hair Extensions

Easy Quarantine Hair Hacks with Laced Hair Extensions

Apr 20, 2020

Quarantine hair is a hot topic, especially for those who love hair extensions and have had no choice but to cancel their appointments. In a recent interview on AZ TV Chanel 7, Lacy, Laced Hair Extensions CEO showed how to have beautiful hair even while the salons are still closed!

Lacy is a hair extensions expert and offered quarantine hair hacks in her live interview. She demonstrated how easy it is to apply Laced Hair I Do Clip-In Extensions for smooth and healthy hair! Clip-In extensions are the perfect hair hack to look amazing for your quarantine date night or zoom hangouts with your friends!

In addition to suggesting Clip-In Extensions, a hair hack while salons are closed, is do an "at home deep conditions while you are giving your hair a break." You will have beautiful hair at home!

When salons do reopen, check out our stylist locator to find an Arizona stylist who offers Laced hair extensions! We love our Arizona stylists and are very excited for when the Laced Hair Academy is holding in person trainings again! If you are a salon owner who would like to host an academy course when your salon reopens, you can show us your interest HERE


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