Don’t Forget to Keep the Black Card

Don’t Forget to Keep the Black Card

Nov 15, 2020

All hairstylists and customers; listen up! This blog post is for you.

Every set of hair from Laced comes with a black card that says “do not throw away this card.” It is very important to keep that card even after installation. If you don’t, we can’t help you if something with the hair goes wrong.

Why you need to keep it

On the card, it lists the batch number of that hair, so that we can keep tabs on it. If you don’t keep the card, we don’t know which hair you ordered. When you come to us with a problem with your hair, we can look that number up and better help you. If not, then we can’t help.

For hairstylists, remember to either keep the cards for your customers in a safe place or give them to the customer and tell them not to throw them away. It is so important that hairstylists do not throw away these cards because if a customer comes back with a complaint about the hair, we can easily cater to their needs.

Keeping the black card helps our customers and hairstylists by making hair exchange easier and also helps us by making the exchange a smoother transition. So please do not throw away the black cards.

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