December Hairoscope

December Hairoscope

Dec 1, 2022

Your monthly Hairoscope is here! Check out what's in store for your sign this Holiday season!


when the solar eclipse and new moon fall in the same spot, you could be motivated to embrace big changes! This may consist of a a new color, or adding some serious inches with our 22" extensions.


This month you will be exploring what you need to feel most comfortable and confident. Color your hair the color you've been wanting! This will allow you to better connect sensually and spiritually with others.


This month you'll be feeling even more self assure when speaking about what you feel and need. You can anticipate electrifying change in the salon chair.


This month is about wellness, balance and organization in your daily grind. Ditch your unhealthy hair and daily habits. This will improve your overall wellbeing


You will spend time in your romance zone, offering you a burst of energy you can apply to fun loving, and artistic pursuits.Live out your artistic dreams by through your hair.


You will be nudged to think about your roots and support system and make any big, bold changes. As a crew of planets move through your fifth house, use your self expression with your hair.


This month you have a strong appetite for knowledge and excitement. Fulfill that excitement with new 22" extensions, or a bold cut.


Your focus this month is centered on on moneymaking. You'll be enjoying many social moments with your friends and colleagues. Reassess how much energy you've been putting into certain platonic bonds


You're in the spotlight this month and you're loving every minute of it. learn how and when to set boundaries, this will be the best thing that ever happened to your bank account and well being.


You may be shying away from over extending yourself socially and prioritizing rest, treat yourself to a relaxing blowout.


This month you will be inspired to connect with the people who really get you, adore you, and cheer you on. This month is so important for inner and outer work! Head into laced to achieve that outer work.


This month you will get a break from excitement. Take that break to do something like going back your natural hair color. Put your best foot forward this month because everyone is watching!

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