Clip-In Extensions: Why They Are the Best for Brides

Clip-In Extensions: Why They Are the Best for Brides

Nov 18, 2020

Calling all brides! Our I Do Clip-In extensions are the best for brides. Here are some reasons why and how to put them in correctly by yourself.

  1. They are easy to apply by yourself.
  2. You can’t sleep with them which is nice to be able to take them off at the end of the day.
  3. You can wear them or not wear them whenever you want.
  4. Since you aren’t wearing them all the time, they last longer than extensions that are installed and kept in.

Now that we talked about why Clip-Ins are the best for brides, let’s talk about what comes in a Clip-In Extensions pack and how to apply them.

There are three types of wefts that come in the pack; four single clips, four mid-sized wefts that are slightly different sizes and one large weft. The size of the mid-sized wefts don’t matter where you put them or not.

Putting them is pretty easy but takes a few times to master. Here are full proof steps on how to apply them.

  1. Start off by sectioning off your hair, so you can place a mid-sized weft at the nape of your neck. 
  2. Next, section off hair above that to the longest part of your head or right above your ears. Place the longest weft right there. 
  3. After this, section off more hair above that and place one of the mid-sized wefts on the left side of your head. 
  4. Next, keep the sections the same as the last step and place the last mid-sized weft on the right side of the head.
  5. Lastly, the four single clips should be used based on where you part your hair. If you part your hair in the middle, place 2 pieces on each side of the head. If you part on the left, place 3 singles on the right and one on the left side. If you part on the right side, place 3 singles on the left side and one on the right.

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