Oct 14, 2015

J : How should I wash and dry my extensions?
LACY :  I tell my customers that their clip ins are almost like wearing a coat, you do not need to wash it everyday, or every week at that matter, once every 3-4 weeks is all that they usually need.
In the sink Gently Hand wash with mild shampoo ( while they are not in your head ) rinse and condition with moisturizing conditioner. You can let the hair air dry or use a blow dryer and brush for more volume. Always blow dry downward so you don't split the cuticle of the hair.

J : How do I know what color I should get?
LACY : The best way to match your hair is to select a color that matches your ends. Also keep in mind that you can add a color that's a bit lighter than your ends too, for a natural ombré effect without the damage of bleach.
xo | LACY

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