4th Of July Make-Up

Jul 3, 2015

Tomorrow freedom rings babes! I bet tons of you have lots of fun plans for tomorrow so we want to help you look super festive! Take a look at this cutest make up look on our Lacy done by Cara from the Maskcara blog! It's so simple anyone can do it! 



Heres Caras run down! 

This look was so simple! First I HAC-ed (shocking, I know) using the tickled for her blush, next I lined her eyes (just in the inner rims) with black liner.
I added lashes that really made her eyes pop without having to use more shadow (cause I didn’t want it to fight with the lips). Next I lined her pout with this, (but any dark red liner will do) and topped them off with Showstopper. Then spray (my fav setting spray) to set it. If you’re like me and your teeth slightly jut out of your mouth you’ll probably want to check your smile a few times to make sure your teeth aren’t hogging all the lipstick. It really kills the drama:)

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