Laced Favorites

May 26, 2015

We are a little bit product obsessed & we are almost positive you are too ;)

We want to share just a few things (besides hair extensions, that's just a given!) we can't put down lately. When we fall in love we fall hard.

1. OLAPLEX Holy...this stuff is like a miracle! We love to mix the professional treatment in with our bleach to take extra care of our clients hair & we make sure everyone grabs a take home #3 Olaplex to use once a week to keep their locks nice & healthy. You need this stuff if you color your hair. You'll thank us. 


2. Buxom Lip Gloss -  Why is it that we all feel a little sexier when our lips look & feel nice & full? It's a mystery but, we are obsessed with buxom glosses. They have menthol in them, so they make the lips nice & plump without the burning of typical lip plumper. Not to mention they have a zillion colors to choose from along with cream or sparkle finishes! Way to go Buxom! We forever grateful for you. 


3. Hemp Moisturizer Being that we live in Utah heaven knows we need a GOOD moisturizer. Our favorite is the Triple Moisture (the blue one). This one makes all of our soft skin dreams come true WHILE smelling like heaven. No, seriously if heaven has a smell. It's the scent of hemp lotions. 


4.  Nars Duel Intensity Blush GUYS. Or ladies... whatever you are, you need this! Glowy skin is so youthful & healthy looking & these new blushes from Nars are the shiz. (Yes, we said shiz) If we could dream up the perfect product for the most amazing glow. This is it. All hail Nars! We bow down to you. The "Frenzy" color is our personal fav but they are all gorgeous! 


5. Big Sexy Hair Dry ShampooOkay, do we even have to explain? Ain't nobody round here has time to wash their hair everyday...or every two days...or every 3 days. This is a safe place. We know you won't judge us. 


Well, there you have it babes! These are just SOME of our favorite things we've been culting over. Try them out. You won't regret it. 


Lacy & Hayley 


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