3 Hairstyles for Your Holiday Instagram Pictures

3 Hairstyles for Your Holiday Instagram Pictures

Dec 2, 2020

Looking for some cute hairstyles for your holiday quarantine Instagram pictures? Look no further! Here are 3 hairstyles for your holiday Instagram pictures that will help you #sleigh this season.

To get this half up, half down do, take a section of your hair and tie it off with a plastic hair tie. Then go about an inch or two down from the hair tie & tie off the hair again. Take the end of the ponytail up and part the inch or two of hair between hair ties. Next, take the end of the ponytail and put it through the parted inch or two of hair and pull. Repeat that with the ponytail as many times as possible, and when you’ve reached near the end of the ponytail, tie it off with a cute holiday scrunchie.

For this cute holiday pony, first, section off your hair and put it into a half up, half down do like the last hairstyle. Next, gather the remaining hair all together to put into a pony. Grab a cute scrunchie and hair clip, and you are good to go!

This last holiday hairstyle is the easiest style out of the three. All you have to do is take the side of your hair and pin back a section with multiple bobby pins to create a fun look and to keep your hair out of your face. If you want to add extra volume to your hair, tease the top back.


For more fun hairstyles like this, follow @lacedhairextensions on Instagram.

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